Electrosurge - Parkell Sensimatic 500SE *Refurbished*
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Electrosurge - Parkell Sensimatic 500SE *Refurbished*
SKU: 1072
List Price: $795.00
Original Price: $595.00
Sale Price: $495.00
Your Savings: $300.00
Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor

100-watt eltrosurgical unit weighing 9 pounds. 

Fully filtered, fully rectified and partially rectified waveforms with operating frequency of 2 MHz.

Equipped with a sensimatic feature and, when in this position, will cut effectively for many applications.

When difficulty of cutting is encountered, the handpiece can be put into manual mode and the power adjusted accordingly.

The unit has a non-insulated ground plate and the ectrodes are non-autoclavable.

Power specs: 117VAC, 60Hz, 250V

Your Unit Includes:

  • 500SE Electrosurgery Unit
  • Surgical Handpiece and Cable
  • Patient Indifferent Plate and Cable
  • Footswitch and Cable
  • Power Cord

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