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Kerr Maxima Pure Power Curing Light *New*
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Kerr Maxima Pure Power Curing Light *New*
SKU: 1391
List Price: $720.00
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Sale Price: $499.00
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Maxima Pure Power Halogen Light Curing Unit

Standard 8mm light guide. Provides substantial tooth coverage.
Accepts 11 light guides from 2-13mm. Suits any clinical application.
Proprietary 80w Halogen OptiBulb. Will not gradually degrade.
10-second audible tone. Alerts user to application completion.
Runs continuously cool. 
Small portable size.


Provides substantial tooth coverage
Suits any clinical application
Meets all sterilization standards
Will not gradually degrade
Alerts user to application completion
Eliminates heat buildup and downtime
Versatile placement options
Convenient for both left-and-right-handed users
Dependable quality