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Laser Tissue Cutting System Biolase WATERLASE *Used*
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Laser Tissue Cutting System Biolase WATERLASE *Used*
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Warranty: AS IS

Biolase WATERLASE Model 6000848

System powers up with working display; when powered up display reads: SYSTEM ERROR
Buttons and foot pedal are responsive
The connection port seems to be intact and free of and obstruction
Wheels turn freely
On top surface of system there is light staining 
We do not have the resources to further test this system

NOTE: The sale of this item may be subject to a Transfer Fee of ownership with Biolase Technologies and registration of the Waterlase system.

The Waterlase tissue cutting system is a unique device with diverse hard and soft tissue dental applications. For hard tissue procedures, the Waterlase utilizes advanced laser and water atomization technologies to safely and effectively perform tissue cutting, shaving, contouring, roughening, etching and resection. For soft tissue procedures, the Waterlase utilizes direct laser energy to perform tissue removal, incision, excision, ablation and coagulation.

For hard tissue procedures, the YSGG solid-state laser provides optical energy to a user controlled distribution of atomized water droplets. As the water droplets absorb the optical energy, hydrokinetic cutting effects results. The hydrokinetic process refers to the removal of tissues with highly energized water particles. Strong absorption of laser energy by atomized water droplets results in an intense yet controlled water particle excitation and micro-expansion. The resulting forces induce mechanical separation of surface material, yielding quick and clean mechanical hard tissue removal. A flexible fiber optic cable with a handpiece delivers the unique laser wavelength and atomized distribution of water particles to the tissue target. A red light emitted from the handpiece distal end pinpoints the area of treatment. The optical power output and atomized water spray may be adjusted to specific user requirements for both soft and hard tissue applications.

For soft tissue applications a different mode of operation is utilized. In soft tissue mode, the Waterlase is programmed to perform tissue removal, incision, excision, ablation and coagulation using direct laser energy either with or without water for cooling and hydration.


Electrical Supply
Domestic: 115 VAC @ 16.0 A
International: 230 VAC @ 8.0 A
Compressed Air Supply/Laser Internal Cooling System
• 80-120psi

General The Waterlase dental laser system consists of two modules:
• Optical Power Unit (the Unit)
• Waterlase Atomizing Delivery System (the Delivery System)

Optical Power Unit Elements Control Panel
The control panel consists of three components:
• Buttons • Liquid Crystal Display 
• Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Buttons The buttons allow for selection and control of all system variables.
• ON/OFF Turns System ON and OFF.
• STANDBY Disables the unit.
• READY Enables the unit.
• + / - Adjusts AIR, WATER, and POWER values.
• MODE Selects air and water operational states (ON, OFF, AUTO).
• PRESETS System is programmed with 4 PRESETS, or values can be 1, 2, 3, 4 customized 
• f FUNCTION Button, for service use only. LCD