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Sensor SUNI SuniRay Digital Size 1 *Used*
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Sensor SUNI SuniRay Digital Size 1 *Used*
SKU: 1584
List Price: $6995.00
Original Price: $4995.00
Sale Price: $3995.00
Your Savings: $3000.00
Warranty: 90 Days Parts & Labor

Size 1  / Sensor Only

 Low Radiation Sensor, Rugged, Durable and Reliable, The Best Value in Digital

SUNI: the pioneer in digital radiography SuniRay digital radiography system makes it easy to capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly.

Using the latest CMOS technology, SuniRay delivers exceptionally high image quality with maximum diagnostic capabilities.

Designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, SuniRay represents the perfect balance of form and function.

SuniRay’s ergonomic design and rounded corners ensure easy positioning and optimal patient comfort. Plus, the unique design of its reinforced cable attachment and hardened outer casing makes SuniRay incredibly durable and reliable.

Low Radiation - Suni places all its energy and expertise on providing a product that minimizes radiation exposures while still producing diagnostic quality images for proper treatment and case planning. Suni’s proprietary technology marries the sensor components together in such a way that radiation is minimized. Thus, radiation safety rises to the top of the attributes that SuniRay sensors provide.

Functional and Ergonomic Design - Designed with rounded corners for increased patient comfort. Built to last with a reinforced cable attachment, SuniRay sensors are extremely reliable and durable. The plug and play sensors are easy to install and can be operated in different PC’s throughout the practice. 

Since one size does not fit all patients, two sensor sizes are available, including children and adults with special anatomical considerations.

Technical Data Size 1: 
Sensor Dimensions 39.5 x 26 
Active Area: 31.1 x 20.2
Sensor Technology: CMOS APS Fiber Plate
Maximum Gray Levels: 4096
Sensor Cable: 3 feet (1m)
Cable Attachment Reinforced Strain Relief