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Surgical Gowns *New*
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Surgical Gowns *New*
SKU: 1654
List Price: $100.00
Original Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $50.00
Your Savings: $50.00
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Medical Surgical Gowns SOLD IN PACKAGES OF 10 

New From Old Stock Offers you Great Value

  -  Double Snaps at Neck (2 snap locations to accomodate different neck widths and to offer comfort)

   -  Multiple Snaps at Waist (Criss-Cross/Wrap Design to offer absolute protection and comfort)

These Medical Surgical Gowns offers reliability and comfort. 

Dependable protection from thick, high quality fabric layers that form an excellent barrier against fluids and pathogens.

Panel coverage feature liquid-resistant barrier fabric from upper chest to knee and on 3/4 of the sleeves.

The surgical barrier fabric is comprised of a membrane laminated between two layers of polyester material to deliver a high level of protection and breathability.

Comfortable Cotton in Non-Surgical Zones

3 Package Options Available:

Option 1: 10 Size Large = 43" Long from Neckline

Option 2: 10 Size X-Large = 47" Long from Neckline

Option 3: 5 Size Large = 43" Long from Neckline & 5 Size X-Large = 47" Long from Neckline