Impression Material Mixer and Dispenser Pentamix 3 3M ESPE *Refurbished*
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Impression Material Mixer and Dispenser Pentamix 3 3M ESPE *Refurbished*
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Impression Machine Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit By 3M/ESPE

3M ESPE’s third generation Pentamix device, the Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit, sets higher standards with the following features:

High speed: twice as fast as the Pentamix 2 Automatic Mixing Unit; faster tray loading provides more effective working time, which is particularly beneficial when loading full arch trays or when using fast-setting impression materials (i.e. Imprint 3 Quick Step Impression Material).

Small size: smallest automated mixing device on the market saves valuable counter space; it also includes a wall mounting option

Easy operation: fully automatic opening of foil bags; Penta Cartridges display product name and times faster cartridge change when two different viscosities (HB/LB) are used with one mixing unit; optimized design for left- and right-handed operators; easy change of mixing tip through improved cartridge and cover design.

Reliable timing of clinical work-flow; minimizes operator variability (shorter tray loading time)

High mixing quality: void-free and consistent mixing of impression material; including putty materials

Hygienic and clean dispensing of all types of impression material

Suggested Applications

Mixing and dispensing Penta impression materials.

Can be used with polyether, VPS and alginate replacement materials


Main voltage 100–240V / 47–63 Hz
Power input max. 2A
Plunger forward speed max. 45 mm/min.
Plunger retraction manual - typically 3 sec.
Mixer shaft speed 380–760 rpm
Rate of dispensing 150 ml/min.
Extrusion force up to 6.500 N - electronically limited to 10.000 N (+/– 20 %)
Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions L 11" x W 9" x H 11"

Includes: Counter Top Unit, Power Cord & User Manual