Sectional Matrix System *New*
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Sectional Matrix System *New*
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Palodent Plus Sectional Matrix Introductory Kit: a world of effective new design and technology for Class II dental restorations

*New From Old Stock*

In two decades of category leadership with Palodent, they learned how Class II restorations can challenge dentists. That’s why there’s a world of effective new design and technology in the Palodent Plus sectional matrix system. Wide applications for sectional matrix system use. Accurate contact, tight seal and improved ring retention. High-performance band shape and handling. Wedge compatibility and performance.

Palodent Plus is the sectional matrix system from DENTSPLY Caulk. It follows on decades of DENTSPLY experience with dental matrix systems for Class II restorations, including the Tofflemire retainer-based system pioneered in the 1940s and our original Palodent tined-ring system, which was the industry leader for almost two decades.

This original Palodent was created in 1986 by dentist and university instructor Alvin Meyer, pioneering the “BiTine” ring technology that simultaneously provided optimal interproximal separation and held the matrix band securely in place.

Palodent Plus consists of just six components, some of which come in multiple sizes for optimum fit and control: rings, wedges, wedgeguards, matrix bands, pin tweezers and forceps. These components combine to deliver benefits like accurate contact, tight seal and accurate retention, and wide applications for sectional matrix system Class II posterior restorations.

One key to Palodent Plus’ performance is its nickel-titanium (Ni-Ti) rings. These deliver a flatter force curve delivers for optimum force across a wider range of posterior embrasures.

This Introductory Kit Includes

25 Each Size Wedges: 3 Sizes Small, Medium & Large  

Compresses on entry and flares upon exit for easy placement and seal
Hollow underside allows placement of second wedge from opposite side

10 Each Size Wedge Guards: 3 Sizes Small, Medium & Large

Facilitates faster and easier cutting of cavity and lowers risk of interproximal damage to adjacent tooth
Guard detaches after prep, leaving the wedge in place

1 Forcep:

Locking function and angled grip arms hold the ring securely, mesially and distally
Handy built-in grooves for resetting rings

1 Pin Tweezer:

Pin in tip positively grips hole in matrix and wedge for control
Naturally closed position minimizes risk of dropping matrix band or wedge
Handy ball burnisher built into tip

1 Universal Ring:

Nickel-Titanium for outstanding spring strength and memory
Stackable for versatility; offers consistent separation force
Glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines are V-shaped to hold wedge

1 Narrow Ring:

Same innovative features and benefits of Universal Ring
Tines set closer together for optimal separation on smaller teeth
Up to 4kgs of separating force even on premolars

25 Each Size Matrices: 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm & 6.5mm

Pronounced marginal ridge for ideal anatomy
Significantly greater curvature on horizontal plane as matrix wraps around tooth
Gingival apron is optimally shaped to significantly prevent gaps in gingival-axial corner

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