3M LED Curing Light ESPE Elipar S10 *Refurbished*
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3M LED Curing Light ESPE Elipar S10 *Refurbished*
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Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor (Battery Excluded)

3M LED Curing Light ESPE Elipar S10

Includes: 1 Handpiece, 1 Charging Base, 1-10mm Light Guide, 1 Lithium-ion Battery (Battery is Used and Operational, but Not Under Warranty)

A complete cure of adhesives, filling materials and cements is essential to the long-term success of restorations. However, curing can be challenging in some situations. An inadequate cure may result in decreased strength and stability of the final result, as well as restoration failure.

To maximize operatory efficiency, the Elipar S10 light provides all of the features you want—without complicating it by adding ones you might never use.

• Small, cordless wand-style light.

• Well-balanced weight of the handpiece is 250 g—which is significantly lower in weight compared to G-Light and L.E.Demetron II.

• Unique, ergonomic V-shape allows a comfortable grip from various angles to accommodate different techniques and indications.

• One 10mm light guide for larger surface areas.

• Light guide rotates 360° to help reach all areas of the mouth. Light guide geometry allows for easy intra-oral handling.

• Innovative design eliminates need for noisy fan and includes a switch-off option for beep signals for completely silent operation.

• Smooth, vent-free stainless steel exterior allows fast disinfection between patients.

• Large buttons with touch response.

Operating voltage 100–127 V 50/60 Hz or 230 V 50/60 Hz
Power input 15 W
Dimensions Length 6.69 in, Width 3.74 in, Height 1.96 in"
Weight 1.45 lb
Power supply - Lithium-ion battery
"Utilizable wavelength range 430–480 nm"
Wavelength - peak 455 nm +/- 10 nm
Light intensity (between 400 and 515 nm) 1200 mW/cm2 –10%/+20% (independent of battery power level)
Optically active light emission area 60–65 mm2
Timer settings 5, 10, 15, 20 seconds, continuous mode (120 sec) and tack-cure mode
Total exposure time typically 60 min
Charging time empty battery approximately 1.5 hr
Dimensions Diameter 1.10 in, Length 10.63 in
Weight 250g