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D4D E4D CAD/CAM Camera Dental System with Milling Unit and Furnace *Refurbished*
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D4D E4D CAD/CAM Camera Dental System with Milling Unit and Furnace *Refurbished*
SKU: 563
List Price: $135000.00
Original Price: $59995.00
Sale Price: $49995.00
Your Savings: $85005.00
Warranty: 1 Year Parts, 90 Days Labor

Scan, Design & Mill with this easy to use chairside CAD/CAM system.

Same day crowns, inlays, onlays and veners

Intuitive and easy to use, the E4D empowers you to create beautiful restorations that provide the form, fit and function you demand and your patients deserve.

Scan - Digital Impressions / ICEverything  /  Prep, Pre-Op and Bite  

Dimensions: 10.4" L x 3.5" H

The IntraOral Digitaizer (IOD) high-speed laser takes digital scans of the preparation and proximal teeth to create an interactive 3D image. E4D's laser accurately images data points from multiple views to make scanning easy, fast and accurate. Rapid Scan allows automatic capture of digital images and the operator's preferred speed to scan in the mouth or extraorally on conventional impressions or models, all without powder. The ICEverything View shows a 3D photograph of the actual dentition that distinguishes hard and soft tissue, well-defined margins, and recreates the oral environment. As you take successive pictures from different angles, the software builds a library of images that 'wrap around' the virtual model.

Design - Intuitive  /  Autogenisi  /  Automatic Occlusion

Dimensions: 50.4" L x 18.3" W

The E4D Design Center, powered by DentaLogic software, guides the operator fram scanning to milling. Autogenesis customizes the proposal for the preparation based upon library teeth created by leading dental professionals. Autogenesis positions and shapes the initial tooth template to match central grooves, cusp heights, and marginal ridges of proximal teeth. Multiple design tools are available including Rubber Tooth, which enables you to push and pull the proposal as if it were made of rubber. Automatic occlusion automatically adjusts proximal and occlusal contacts per operator-defined settings. The graphical interface, familiar workflow, and dentist-designed tools make the E4D Dentist system the logical chairside CAD CAM solution.

Mill - Automatic Tool Changer  /  Custom Mill Paths  /  High Impression

Dimensions: 26.6" W x 23.9" D" x 15.7" H

The E4D Milling Center designs from the Design Center via wired or wireless connection and mills restorations from a variety of materials offered by 3M ESPE and Ivoclar Vivadent. Customized, milling paths are created for each material type to optimize milling performance and restoration integrity. Dual spindles simultaneously mill both sides of the restoration using burs from Premier Dental. The automatic tool changer enables the system to change burs or replace worn burs automatically. The graphical interface and touch screen make the mill easy to operate. The milling Center's robust and heavy-duty design reduces vibration for high-level accuracy and material performance.

Programat CS

Dimensions: 12" W x 14.5" D" x 15.5" H 

From stain and glaze to porcelain crystallization, the Programat CS is fully equipped to meet the demands of today’s CAD/CAM dental office. Featuring QTK (quartz tube kanthal) heating technology, the Programat CS delivers superior, highly-reliable firing results. User-friendly and easy to operate – this furnace produces consistently beautiful restorations.

The oven Programat CS is equipped with 20 programs and is very easy to operate. Due to its small size, the oven takes up very little space in the dental office. Thanks to the vacuum function, more complex cooking cycles, with high-quality results can be performed.

Seventeen individual programs offer enough space for additional ceramic materials. The power failure function Save bridges short blackouts without the program being aborted. In case of a defect in vacuum, the vacuum control system address (EVCS) stop cooking process after the program started.

System Includes:

  • 1x E4D Design Center (including the wand)
  • 1x  E4D Milling Center
  • 1x  Programat CS Furnace
  • Customer Documentation (manuals & guides)
  • 1x  Material Cabinet (4 drawer storage)
  • 13x Empress HT (High Translucency) Lucite Reinforced Glass Ceramic Blocks (various sizes & shades) 5 Per Block, Full Sets
  • 14x Empress LT (Low Translucency) Lucite Reinforced Glass Ceramic Blocks (various sizes & shades) 5 Per Block, Full Sets
  • 8x  Empress MT (Multi) Lucite Reinforced Glass Ceramic Blocks (various sizes & shades) 5 Per Block, Full Sets
  • 26 Boxes Lava Ultimate Resin Nanoceramic Blocks (various sizes & shades) Both Full and Used Sets
  • 29 Boxes IPS E.Max Lithium-Disilicate Glass Ceramic Blocks (various sizes & shades) Both Full and Used Sets