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Vacuum Equalizer Control by Air Techniques *New*
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Vacuum Equalizer Control by Air Techniques *New*
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Vacuum Equalizer controls two to four vacuum pumps.

Increases the efficiency of your vacuum pumps.

The Vacuum Equalizer senses any changes in vacuum demand.

If the vacuum demand increases and the vacuum level drops below 7” Hg for more than 20 seconds the Vacuum Equalizer turns on additional pumps one at a time.

When the vacuum demand decreases and the vacuum level of 10” Hg is maintained for 10 minutes the Vacuum Equalizer will turn off pumps one at a time.

Additionally you can adjust the preset vacuum range and delay times to fit your needs.

Extends the service life of your vacuum pumps.

For dual- and multiple vacuum pump systems the Equalizer will turn on pumps only as needed for the current vacuum demand.

The starting order of pumps is alternated to extend the service life of your vacuum pumps.

Allows manual operation.

Equipped with a bypass switch for each pump, the Vacuum Equalizer allows you to manually remove a pump from the control cycle and turn this pump on constantly.

Easily integrated.

The Vacuum Equalizer can be utilized with VacStar models 50, 50H, 80, 80H and STS models 6, and 10. As well as all other manufacturer’s vacuum pumps with 24V switching.

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